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Self-organization requires a particular kind of interaction to coordinate the processes that must work together.

The Enduring APS Agenda

Information, natural law, and the self-assembly of rhythmic movement. The fractal dimension or its equivalent is estimated using linear tools that are effectively cobbled together to converge on a reliable estimate. Sending meeting minutes serves as a record of the decisions that were made, a plan of action for next steps, and an outline of designated roles and responsibilities.

Setting the APS Agenda

And many of us also belong to interdisciplinary organizations which are devoted, at least in part, to psychological research and academic issues. Obviously, we joined APS because we believe that our organization will or at least should provide new opportunities, services and benefits.

In congestive heart failure, for example, the heartbeat is overly regular, corresponding to a low fractal dimension.

Feedback can inform the structure and content of future meetings. The Journal of Neuroscience, 25, In their report, Mroz, Allen, Verhoeven, and Shuffler highlight the ingredients of good meetings, including how people can prepare for meeting success, how certain aspects of meetings can make or break them, and how what happens after a meeting can improve team outcomes.

Recurrence quantification in epileptic EEGs. American Psychological Association, Professional Psychology, 25 2The founders acted because they were convinced that existing societies did not serve that purpose in a focused and effective manner.

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Component processes must work together across their different spatial scales and must coordinate their changes despite different intrinsic timescales of change. The healthy rhythm lives between those extremes, exhibiting a pattern of fractal variability.

The paradox may run as deep as that confronted by quantum physicists. Journal of Motor Behavior, 34, An interesting career in psychology: One the fractal properties of natural human standing.

Connectionism and dynamics systems theory reconsidered. Presently one usually relies on a single measure that corresponds explicitly or implicitly to the fractal dimension of variability in behavior. Biological Cybernetics, 92. Each month, PSA includes news and features for the psychological science community on topics such as federal research policy and training, interesting science careers and graduate student opportunities.

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The American Psychological Association invites applications for its Policy Fellowships. More than ever, our government needs scientists in its midst The potential of the APA Executive Branch Science Fellowship to influence policy in the short- and long-term.

Psychological Science Agenda | December Science Briefs Children and Internet Use: Social, Psychological and Academic Consequences for Low-income Children Does Using the Internet Affect Children's Development? An Agenda for Purely Confirmatory Research Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Ruud Wetzels, Denny Borsboom, Han L.

J. van der Maas, Rogier A. Kievit University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Perspectives on Psychological Science.

The Real APS Agenda

Psychological Science Agenda, 16(4), Retrieved from Sutker, P. B., Uddo, M.

Psychological science agenda
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